Moxa Natural Therapies Centre, in Brisbane, first opened its doors in 2006 and is now a well known and respected part of West End’s vibrant community.

Our team of dedicated and passionate practitioners provide a range of natural options for any of your health concerns.

We strive to keep you feeling as well as possible and offer suitably affordable treatments to ensure that regular health maintenance is within everyone’s reach. 

Our respect for you

At Moxa, you’re always treated with respect, empathy and integrity. No health issue is too small or too great. We always do our best to find you answers and ensure that you leave feeling better for your time with us. 

Stand-alone or integrated treatments

While you’re more than welcome to see just one of our experienced practitioners, our West End centre provides an established and cohesive group of like-minded natural therapists who build on each other’s strengths. They can work together to improve your health and wellbeing in a way that’s both time and cost effective. Read more about our services and our practitioners.

Our relationship with conventional treatments

We’re happy and used to working alongside other medical practitioners, and can often offer valuable support to your conventional medical treatments to help you achieve your health goals sooner.

Furthermore, while no Moxa practitioner will ever tell you to discontinue medical treatment or medications, natural medicine has a knack of providing relief where conventional medicine options have been exhausted or had undesirable side effects.

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